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Gentek has been serving the Power Generator Rental Industry since past 15 years. Gentek has been providing Soundproof Diesel Generators on Hire since its very incorporation. The plethora of experience derived by serving for so many years have helped to serve our upcoming clients in the best possible way.

The dedicated team of engineers and manpower led by Mr Deepak Kumar Agarwal, an entrepreneur, have successfully satisfied all our client’s needs and desires. Gentek aspires to become the future of generators on wheels and is the powerhouse of Generators.

Over the years, Gentek has also served Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machine on rental basis to metal structure formation industries hence diversifying its portfolio and serving a larger base of enthusing customers.

The core strengths of Gentek includes harmonising manpower and making the best out of it, strategic locations where it can easily travel on wheels, fleet of equipment so that the generators can be easily installed and there is no shortage of power.

A major player in the Eastern region of India helps us to gain strategic advantage over other competitors, thus serving clients across India. It has all the range of generators which helps to encompass all classes and sorts of customers.

With all the skills, potentials and strategic partnerships has helped Gentek to keep pace with Global Happenings, Developments and Market Demand. The unmatched experience, fleet of equipment and unparallel manpower will definitely help Gentek to capture and envisions itself to be the leading player in Indian Power Rental Industry and Welding Job.

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Mission and Vision


To maintain leadership in the field of Energy Equipment Rental through continuous upgradation of technology, venturing into newer horizons and be the leading Power in the industry.


We dedicate ourselves to provide;
- Ready to install Equipment’s with cutting edge technology and high degree of reliability
- End to End energy rental solution at affordable price
- quality after sales service to assure Highest Possible customer satisfaction.


Gentek a premier Power Equipment Rental company in India has:

  • Strong technical capabilities

  • Highest credibility being Longest serving Diesel Generator rental company in India

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure facilities with strategic located depots

  • Ability to provide End to End solutions within noticeably short span of time

  • More than 80% occupancy is assured across all sectors

  • Well trained & highly experienced technical work force

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